Once again looking for a Region

Hey Musk Here. I am looking for a region or faction that is looking to recuit a active player.

I am S9+ And Highly active

If you are interested in recruiting me Pm me Or add my line [ pwaak47 ]

I am open to questions

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Got some messages. Bump?

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Shaped like Robert Pattinson.


Come to butler. Pm if you want an invite to our region chat to check it out. line is amirg468

Minion or da Bob fo’ today.

To the people that hate me you can comment all you want Idc just trynna look for a faction so I can stomp on you less active people

Shaped like a diamond if it was trying to look like gold

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bump. (7 char)

Timezone and what times do u play during war?

est and I play from 9am - 4am

Also scored around 150k last war could of did more if faction was active at the start of war

Good luck man. Were looking for the gap between 2/3am est and 9am est.