On the Overpowered Meter -- from Jesse to original blue Michonne -- LYDIA RANKS


…somewhere around 8xErikas, am I right?

I mean… come on, Scopely. I know you guys don’t actually play your own game, and that you generally don’t give a crap about testing to create balanced toons, but this is insane.

Why take all that flak for nerfing blue Michonne if you’re going to have toons like Lydia now.

If any player thought double-Magna+Erika teams were ridiculous… now just wait til the double Absolute D Jesus shields with double Lydia teams show up.

There basically isn’t a point for F2P players to stick around if premier toons are going this route. The power creep has been shooting sky high with Magna then yellow Shiva, then Marlon… but now the creep has broken orbit heading for a new galaxy with Lydia.

RTS is such a wonderful concept. But, the reckless disregard for player experience by Scopely management and the complete lack of gaming sense in the product owner REPEATEDLY drives players away.


They are making ridiculous yellow toons makes alot of blues completely worthless


They did play the head office people and they got lot of free cool stuffs

Only the cux serveass in India
Maybe not


still no blue guardian or red shield xD


with leagues now giving out coin rewards, everyone will have a change to pull these characters


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Yes but the fact of the matter is if u don’t have all of the key toons on ur roster ur screwed they have completely went over board with the op p2p toons and make the f2p toons like shit that can’t even compair to them I mean we used to have some op toons but they weren’t so powrrful that u had no chance now it’s getting to the point that u have no chance if u don’t have these key revives to even beat theses teams


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