On a scale of 1 to 10, how boring is the game right now?

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Ever since Mr. Jones ended I don’t care about anything other than logging in for my gold bricks. I don’t even care about 5 star weapons.
(To be clear, 1 is not boring, 10 is very boring, I don’t get why people don’t know this but here)


It is sooooo bad. I’ve never ever been this bored. It’s a drain to even bother opening the game.


I almost forgot my gold bars today


My sc finished last week and I still have 2 gold radios leftover because I was forgetting them.


Slightly edited the poll, please revote if you haven’t already.

Tbf after getting the collectables, the Mr Jones event was incredibly boring. Not been overly bored personally this week since I’ve used this week to blow my arena tickets (old school + trait mania Endurance and old school champions is ideal) and had 3 birthday celebrations and a Thanksgiving to attend so was actually glad war was pushed back. But if I hadn’t it would have been exceptionally boring in game.

Btw is 1 very boring or is 10 very boring?

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Not sure which is most bored 1 or 10? But its a borefest. Increasing difficulty, same shit rewards. Scopely always trolling us, level up tournament everyday it seems like YAWN!

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1 is… Pathways event
10 is… Harvest event. lol

Hang on, just realised that there is only a solo level up until Wednesday (Thursday my time), so going to have to change that to Very Bored.

Should probably include that in the OP


I tapped 7 for some reason but I should’ve hit 9. I wish the crafting would just give me the critical traits I want. I want there to be some more ways to get legendary medals because I already have more than a million silver ones. I don’t like the OP enemies in SR. I don’t remember a time I had fun with this game. Yet after avoiding this game like the plague for about 9 months, I somehow find myself back here. I just can’t seem to enjoy playing from a casual standpoint.

And I hate needing LINE. There’s already forms of communication in the game.


This is stll confusing lol. Thar one time we did nothing for weeks but friendly duel trainer defenses, flee SR stages, and level 1* and bronze mode long, long after they had lost the slightest relevance, is that supposed to be the least boring this game has ever been?

topic: I’d say somehwere around 2-3. Rewards are nor motivating at all, and what’s worse, reward structures make rboring meta-strategies necessary. On the other hand, basic gameplay is pretty sweet right now.

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I rank it at around 2. For shit

I’m guessing (based on what you said in a comment) 1 is not boring at all, 10 is extremely boring.

This forum is more entertaining than the game !


Opps sorry I voted 2 thinking it’s the worst. Lol sorry for that

It’s that boring I have found another game


A basil, benedict event be nice.

didn’t log in at all yesterday. did this morning as its part of my morning procrastination routine at work, I need to find a new time waster at work.


Very boring!
And by the way… does this mean you’re quitting?! Again?! :joy: