On a scale from dead to super dead, how alive is #PU?

Seems we haven’t heard from them for a while, did they stop like the yellow vests ?

I’m still here and consider myself a member. As are many others. Not been able to load Vpn for a while so not been able to check on Line to see how it’s going.

You mean stopped like Guido Fawkes when he tripped into a bonfire and went up in smoke? :joy:

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Exactly, like this movement that went up in smoke too :upside_down_face:


download This is how dead pu is.


Seemingly everyone forgets PU started all the changes that ended up being made. What does it matter if they are still around they did the job needed and jump started the change we se


These threads that throw shade at #PU are hilarious… what exactly did the OP do to help change the way Scopely treats the player base?



PU did nothing but blow up the forums. If PU has/had so much power where are they now?

The movement they started sparked the change so keep being ignorant and trolling to act like you know what you are talking about


Nobody said they had power or needed to continue to exist forever they were the catalyst that spawned PC, the updates, etc


Actually, I just made a joke about the Fawkes mask not about the movement.

They did what was possible. Most importantly a few even brought to attention Skopelie’s failures outside of this forum.

‘On a scale from dead to super dead, how alive is Mt St Helens?’ - Washington resident, 1979


What is PU supposed to update with? Lol the player community isn’t tied to the devs like PC is.

I don’t even blame PC for being quiet. Y’all just jump down their throats with “okay but why aren’t the devs telling us this? ~ThIs IsNt YoUr JoB!!1~”


Are you like the new John Adams lool

PU is a movement, if you care about player base as a whole and try to bring some constructive and positive changes in the game you love, by regularly pushing things (may seem like complaints to some or feedback) then I’ll be with you and other caring players as well. Then you’ll automatically become a part of PU.

Divided we fall and fade away into the dust on which the last walker dragged its foot on :slight_smile:



What’s PU

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For me is absolutely DEAD. War time and mesh10000 error :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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Glad players are still the cause all of the games issues + responsible for fixing

I do blame the players for a lot of it tho, the devs have to fix things, update the game, make events, etc and get permission from scopely, so at the end of it all, yes, it is in scopelys hands but the people who keep spending and going to WOC and spending, spending on events, etc. They are the problem, they encourage scopely to continue business as usual and that is who i blame most.

The updates we have got are such small baby steps, it simply is not good enough and scopely still needs to be held accountable and made aware of this. Choice boxes, roadmaps for s class items, etc, that is nice and all but we all go back to normal now? This feels like Alberts letter all over again… :angry:

I will say this, i am angry a bit, i made a post awhile ago asking where they are at. Stand back up PU like we did when it started! :fist:

To OP, it isnt dead but people sure have gone silent, some have quit but it isnt dead by any means.


Funny you say that because idk you and I already know they’ve done a hell of a lot more than you’ve ever done for this game

Without them a lot of the little change that’s come to the game wouldn’t have happened

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