OMG I just came up with a solution to the cencoring


I’m 13 years old lolol irl. But I’m actually serious


Tl:Dr past “don’t be offensive” what are you gonna say to the guy who dropped a territory? “hey bro I saw you dropped a territory. Could you please not do it again? =)” the reply to that would be “#### you #####”

So you’re just supposed to get along with everyone? I don’t wanna live in a world like that. You’re offending me by suggesting it.


New forum Mascot.

Kudos to @SiR_Lancelot for sharing.


I’m from the uk and “twat” is not banned word on GC so I’m fine with my cursive ways

Keep on surviving


Shaneey it was for me


We all know little Snowflake Jane would pick Wolves over Lemon Party because she loves being a troll.


I think you shot yourself in the foot with your comments. You called me nasty based on reading one post then denied the existence of underlying tone. So either you can call me nasty because I demonstrated my underlying tone or if it doesn’t exist as you claim you are just name calling for the sake of it. Let me think for a moment about which one of us is nasty… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

And btw I am in favour of this chat bot. I think it is a good idea. There is a lot of nastiness in the game which is unnecessary.

i’m not on here bleatong about having been banned straight after the bot was introduced or hand-wringing about how it will ruin the game. For me the bot is improving the player Experience. They need to speed the permanent banning up not slow it down.


If you’re referring to the comment about leader’s being unable to talk, then I didn’t call you nasty. But it is clear from the words you took a high and mighty, snooty attitude to how other faction’s may run. Unlike you, I didn’t attribute it to a unforseen ‘tone’.

And unfortunately there is a lot of nastiness in life, a key part of being an adult is learning not to touch the fire and start crying when it burns. Given you replied to a comment 3 days ago to try and get the one-up on me, when I’d forgotten you existed, you seem the type.

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