OMG I just came up with a solution to the cencoring


There’s a plain and simple solution to the anti harramsent filtering. Make gc uncensored and adults only chat with an option to hide it and make everyone sign it that they acknowledge gc is an unmoderated room. Then create a new building called the recruitment tavern where factions and individuals call recruit players safely and without the filth of gc. Lastly make a setting where when creating a faction you can select an age restriction. So let’s say wolves is an 18+ faction then little snowflake Jane knows to stay away or she’ll get eaten alive and she should rather go to Lemon Party which is a family friendly Christian faction.


I like the recruitment idea.

Still get 12 year olds lying about their age and thinking it is grown up to swear if you just had to click to say you accepted the trolls.


What censor just misspell errting


Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:


How about the opposite? Move the filth into a tavern? Can’t see the foul chat without actually clicking to enter.


Really was expecting the answer to the topic statement was gonna be “Don’t talk in the chats”


yes i agree the lemon party is a very clean group. good people.


You know damn well kids will lie about their age.


This will not work ever.


Don’t be offensive in the chats is an even better solution.

If people were a bit nicer to each other, scopely wouldn’t have needed to introduce it in the first place.

And I’m intrigued by the idea that if a leader can’t tell their faction what to do for 48 hours, then the faction will fall apart, as is being claimed by some.

So either we have leaders who have delusions of grandeur and so we can’t believe anything they say about how pleasant he or she was being before the dreaded ban (because they would think nastiness was “leading”), or we have an awful lot of players who can’t get dressed in the morning without help. Interesting.


ive got my own solution. im switching every c with s and every s with a c, for now.
fusk that, cusk my disk, im the chit!
its like the enigma machine, just more complex…


Firstly your argument pivots on the fact people are getting banned for ‘nastiness’. Non. They’re getting banned for the most banal and mundane words.

And secondly, if players need daily advice and guidance whatever that be and whatever their level, then hopefully they have better supporting factionmates and leaders than you present yourself to be


More chats seriously… Maybe if they took away solo and faction league chats first they are so pointless


Dammit man don’t tell em what it doing they’ll just ammend the code.

Soon everything u say will be #### ### ###


Well I am an adult and I trust my faction mates to know to carry on taking part for a day or two if, for example, I went on holiday. I would have thought the higher up the rankings you were, the more you should be able to trust them to know what they need to do to carry on winning. Not less.

I assume you consider yourself nice and would be shocked if you got a ban. Your response shows why some people are surprised that they are being banned for saying things which, yes, are normal words (not expletives) but aren’t the nicest thing that someone could say.

Hopefully the bot will quickly learn about “nasty underlying tone”, so we will know who will be next in line for a ban. And I ain’t talking about me.


Of that time everyone could avoid a ban by changing their names. Lol


It’s a 17+ game… There’s gonna be “bad words” (by Scopely’s logic, half of the words we normally say such as strip mall, Google, etc are “bad words”). I’m not sure who complained about the use of cursing (abuse is understandable to complain about, but cursing itself is nothing to be censored in a game like this), but if someone can’t handle cursing, they may wanna find another game.


There is no point you have to be 18+ to play the game anyway people lie about there ages my region has a lot of 12ies in it it’s annoying but what can you do


Scopley forgets that any road map world map is rated R, so how about censoring yourself Scopley.


Funny thing is, there’s no such thing as a ‘nasty underlying tone’ in text. It’s literally just text. You percieve it how you wish and insert your own tone in. Not me. Your response shows why Scopely thought this necessary. Don’t be so sensitive