Olivia leak or something

So turns out we have some type of thing with olivia

So Far Vk leaks are looking cool. Im seeing some of the old legacies. But question time. HOW YALL THINK RAUL’S TEC 9’S are gonna sound. Are they gonna give us the dual pistol sound meaning their semi auto. Or the automatic uzi sound.

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Can u share everything?


Everything? Sure I just made a vk acc so I can see leaks

Yay another p2p event!


Scopely just took my login token when I did the stash since the game had the download crash and it wasn’t there.

What is their deal with cake?

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Scopely giveth and scopely taketh away

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30so_oxjJhE AqmL3j6IBFA

If I managed to even beat this event 95% chance I won’t Im taking that wayland.

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If your bank roll is big enough you’ll get er done!

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Oh boy! Oh boy! Im so excited to spend! I just cant contain myself for this “event” it is what we all have been asking for, more p2p events! Thanks for listening to us scopely, youre the best!

I hope Raul’s Tec-9s sounds full auto instead of single pistol shots.

Scopely would have to either give him the normal automatic sound or the special one (Dual uzi rosita and red negan have this sound) While the normal is firing a automatic rifle. Most gangsta games have the tec 9 at automatic. So knowing scopely they might be automtaic.

They should use pancakes instead of cake…

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