Oldest Regions that are still Alive and Kicking


Regions that started in 2015.

Who are they, and are they still even alive and still kicking?

Regions like Bartow, are they still active as it used to be?



Bartow was pretty active when we got them 2 CRWs ago


Burke. Still going…


Liberty, alive but shrinking


:eyes: hear a lot about troup and the faction dead end…what kinda teams they working with. I accept PMs as well, lol. :sunglasses:

Beta Region here, representing.


Dunno if @Final-Boss would let you in on DE teams. He is in DE :wink:


My first region was Miller, they are old yeah? I haven’t been on it in over a year


He’s like the worst DE player anyways


Paulding… well sorta… GC is often dead cuz people are chattin on line chat… would love to see paulding merged with another region… one of similar strength… would give ev1 more challenges in events.



I’ll just say they’re good :stuck_out_tongue:


Do regions on life support count?


Jenkins, not sure if an OG region but probably around 2 years old. Still going strong.


There is no mystery what teams they have

There are 3 tiers of teams

  1. F2P casuals - Tyreese, Mirabelle, or Carl/Zeke some 5*s
  2. F2P grinders - Prestige 10 and lower - same as above 1 premier, fewer 5*
  3. P2W super whales - all 6* multiple T4, premiers, windowles, multiple sets of teams

You also have the caveat of the Armory Cheaters (of which there are many) the difference you will notice with the armory cheaters vs. no cheating whales is armory cheaters tend to have multiple sets of perfect weapons

Not just stuns and AD, but 5 perfect melee and 5 perfect range weapons.

That will give them an edge since non-cheating whales will never have that many perfect weapons (as a group) due to the bottlenecks.

This is one of the main reasons that CRW is so tied to region age.

Older regions had 2x chances to cheat the armory, and well, it’s obvious when you war who did and who didn’t.


Lol. Those who glitched the armory had their weapons purged… those who grinded up to 125 had a plethora of DT and PK to use. :upside_down_face:


I can tell you about fighting dead end, actually I can show you what its like from my perspective via pictures.

Gho:Expectation vs reality hqdefault_Homer


Not all the weapons were purged, only those done in the last month of the 4 month window where this blatant cheating happened were purged.

I’m told they reintroduced the bug a few months later just before ascendance too so there’s always those exploiting it.


I love you man lol


That “last month” bit is actually pretty false. The way that Scopley looked into the weapons was based on the process that people were doing it. Not by timeline. But, I’ll let ya believe what you want :man_shrugging:


No, in fact they added a tracking bit in there a few months after the airplane mode exploit became widespread that registered how many times you reset the weapon.

I understand there were alternate methods besides the airplane mode that some used to dodge the cheat tracker


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