Older ascendable toons PLEASE


Strange you made a new green Negan when we have a few already instead of ascending one of them you made a new one.

I dont think you have any plans to actually ascend some older toons. You just said that to shut people up.

We the community want to know more details on ascending older toons. ASAP please.


Kirk Rick!


I worry about this too.

Bet there wasn’t a plan to make all 5*s ascendable to begin with.
I was excited…now I’m worried.


no time to replace old ones when you spend all your time creating new ones…
There’s no money in it for scopes if your not doing pulls.

Up next


We put a lot of Money in this game to get good toons now they are useless and scopely dont will make them ascendable… Thanks for this. everyone in Running the same toons over and over, its getting fucking boring. We need much more older toons to Upgrade not Next Year …NOW.

Impair dk michonne
Red rick
And so on

This Game is dying and scopely dosnt care because they are too greedy.


About a month ago they gave us a list of toons that were going to become ascendable through early 2018. So far we’ve seen none of them, despite several being made already because they’ve been data mined by VK.

The only reason they aren’t available now is because there is no profit in allowing us to ascend toons we already have, it’s an appalling business practice, it really is.

Any hope of being able to ascend Priya, Konrad or Hunter etc is pie in the sky.


Dam how did I not realize this. Thanks for spelling it out.


Why make and old toon ascendable when they can make people waste more money with pulls hopin to get a new 6*? Money first here man



Still yet to see any of these. Plenty available from Premier recruits though.

To be fair, I think someone did once say the ONLY PLACE you could get 6* was premier recruits, or something like that.


How about wait till 2018 to start complaining…


It says available ‘through’ early 2018, not in 2018.

So ‘some’ should be available now. That was published a month ago, maybe even 6 weeks ago.


Through 2018 bro, give it a couple more months. If they said late 2017-early 2018 then you could have grounds to argue imo.


We got Sid about a month ago. That was the last non new purchase only character that was a 6*.


Yes, but through means from now through to then, if they were planning on releasing them all in 2018 they should have said that. There are 12 on that list. Do you think they’ll release all 12 next year.

We know some of them are ready for release because they’ve been mined by VK.


Please give us one of the older ascendable toons that was promised. Please please please … please


Not to mention that some of those are already done, since the Russians leaked a whole bunch of them a month ago. Glenn, Governor, Joshua, eugene for example


The pace of new 6 stars is atrocious.

So far.

My faction lead has Quit the game.
2 co-leaders have quit the game.
And this is just my fac which was a Massive Warring Team.

We have 1 player who desperately needs Carl lead since he is melee based player.
And now another quitter.

At first I wanted to go all Red in terms of 6 stars.
No chance, only red Toon is Mirabelle. THe rest are

You know the game is going to shit when you have Pay 2 Play characters
That are of equal value then free 2 play.

Just sad sad times for the game.

I’ve been a huge supporter of this game for almost 2 years now.

At this point if my Team decides to quit warring I would not even give a shit.

I used to be a fanatic for being on point. Keeping everything rolling.
Now I barely can get myself motivated to play 1 region with dedication.

It’s so sad to think that at this point I can make 4 new 6 stars with my tokens.
And I’m there is nothing I even want to ascend…

I really don’t understand the business model behind this.
Oh, now I get it.
New players are getting royally milked to the bone with this format.


if they released ALL

those ascendable 6 stars right now.
I would be barely exited but at least satisfied that there is Minor diversity.

I just wante more Reds.

Wtf should I just make more Mirabelles and a 3rd abraham? 2nd tyrese? 2nd Siddiq?


Yeah same here. Top faction and so far lost the leader, co leader and 5 people who quit this past month. All of them casual to heavy payers. I don’t understand how that’s in scopelys interest. It’s not even isolated to our faction, loads of people quitting or not investing money anymore.


Second Sid works pretty well, actually