Old school wars


We have blitz war,all out war and region war, lets have old school war with only 3-5 stars toons. Before 6 stars there were tactics and several teams to use that war, now its only carl and erika teams only. There is still good 5 stars characters that we can still use and even 5 stars ascendable characters. Give us from time to time wars without 6*stars


I kinda like the idea of the occasional “5* Friday”, maybe even a “Modless Monday”. :):smiley:


And what about those who burnt all their good 5★ toons in favour of developing a 6★ line up? Or don’t have any 3★ or 4★ toons because they aren’t sentimental about such things?


They‘d be screwed.


My questions were rhetorical, but thanks for answering them all the same


3* and 4* would be silly but everyone* has plenty of 5* and could gobble together a few teams.

i realise that on an infinite universe all things are not only possible but guaranteed so someone showing me a roster with no 5 doesn’t disprove my point. And new Acctw obviously but they don’t have 6* either so…


This has been asked for a lot and I think its a great idea, give the game some variety. You have my vote.


How about a war using only announce legacy ascendables? Would give scopes a revenue opportunity to release them…


I’m all for every other player using as many 5* as they want on their offense and defense teams. :joy:


Perhaps this would be a chance to make the “Choose your map” step relevant. Some could choose no limit war (which would have its own leaderboard & rewards) or a 5☆ limit war (with its own leaderboard & rewards)


The only real way to implement this without all the whales complaining that their purchases are being restricted in use (possible refund terirorty?) is to make the towers some kinda crazy buff but for a particular persona. Like say, +130 crit for leaders - therefore only 5★

Oh wait, that already happened


People who werent good in the 5* era will still be lacking the strength to deal with op 5* teams. I recently acquired bonus HP blue Michonne and Kal, possibly making my team even stronger. Add Priya, stun Magna and loads of other S-tier 5*s to that and a lot of people will fail to hit that.


How would this even work when I know vets like myself and my faction mates have did away with all 3* and 4* , because why keep them, and any 5* is used for level up points, then used to ascend someone.


What about 60% buff to attack, defence and hp for epic toons, this way you can either use 5s toons or use your 6* , that would be fun


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