Old School Arena is terrible. Scrap it

Most newer players aren’t going to focus on fully upgrading a decent group of 5* because currently other than in this mode they’re actual trash, none fit in the meta and they’re a waste of resources you want to use on Ascendables and 6*.
Get rid of Old School. I get the sentiment but it’s the worst Arena type of the bunch.


Scrap it all. It widens the gap and current system promotes inactivity.


Definitely either scrap it or reduce the trophies given out dramatically normally a high diamond player now struggling to keep in a division because of arenas well the trophie distribution @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @ForumAdmin and whilst your at it put the Raid can and sr can back to the lower level up milestones help f2p people can’t hit a mil every level up but 500k wasn’t a problem helped many people. Out


Old school is probably the best!! Love using all my old 5* toons again!!


Yes Scopely should get rid of something a lot of people do actually like just because you don’t :roll_eyes:

I’ve seen a lot of people praising the old school arena because it makes their 5* toons relevant again. Even just for a few minutes. it’s fun to play with toons you haven’t used in a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, arenas in general sucks. But it would suck more without Old School.


Old school is a version of what most the player base was asking for for a long time. It’s easy for newer players to pick up 5s.
Old school and draft are the two that seem the most popular overall.
Cant keep everyone happy though.


Draft is by far the best of the bunch as it’s the fairest overall in terms of teams as you all have the same chance of pulling something good. It’s also a good opportunity for us F2P to use the more Premier toons which is fun


Yeah I’ do like draft using the premiers that I haven’t got that part is interesting

I dont like draft because it adds even more rng. And it makes it even harder to defeat good defense setups because default weapons suck


Same. Draft is horrible. I can never beat the S Class teams. Requires team synergy that is hard to get with rng.

Can’t believe this is still going on. Some guy on another thread had three maxed toons. Not sure what league he is in. It’s so horrible.


All it is doing is creating a gap where there wasnt one. See you tomorrow in same league :joy:

Doesn’t everyone get the same toon choices?
Isn’t that the opposite of RNG

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Dont think so. Not sure though.

It’s good, just remove ascendables

5* is sweet. Draft isnt bad, no mods is needed but lead skill should be part of it. And yea no ascendables.

Those crying about it being linked to leagues is dumb, leagues is about activity. If your excuse is you need the coins well i feel sorry for anyone that slaves away at leagues for coins. And guess you better get to being more active. And arenas is still better than raiding. I would spend for those measely coins before being a slave to the game. Time is more valuable than money.

Edit: arenas also beats having to bother with raiding outside of a tourney and being in territories all day. Thats whats lame about leagues that you get pts for nontournament stuff anyways. Arenas introduced a way to progress in leagues and not have to bother w stuff that is non rewarding.

Only thing i hate about old school is how crazy simple it was to destroy everything back in the day. Long live Manbun and any buff he has :laughing::joy:


Exactly. That’s why many are dropping divisions. Went from logging every 4hrs to use my free energy to every 8hrs because thanks to Arenas all other gameplay is almost irrelevant. Eg. Classic Arena finished #6 and got 23k trophies after 1 try (around 5min total). Use free raid energy for a week will get me around 17k lol. Why should I bother with raiding?

So basically its promoting inactivity.


I could never stay up in leagues bc i will never play all day in territories and raid all day … Shit isnt worth it. Ive been broke as broke can be and i would still go buy a $10 google card before being a slave like that … Tf 10 buck aint gonna make or break anyone.

I like old school but also hate draft.

Thats a good point tho didnt look at it that way when you said inactivity at first lol less time needed in game isnt good for them…maaaan ssssh before they read any more :laughing::joy: