Old game data on new phone

Does anyone know how to get my old game to load on my new phone because old one broke?


Was your account linked to facebook? If so just do the tutorial, sign into your facebook, link to new phone. If not, you have to contact support, they will ask you for a screenshot of receipts, if you never purchased anything in RTS your account is gone as scopely only cares if you are someone who has gave or will give them money.

Yeah put in ur Facebook login details and it’ll pull ur game off ur old device.

If you dont have that give support a receipt of a purchase and ur account code and they’ll retrieve it for you

I have screenshots of buying stuff but idk if I ever linked to Facebook

That’s okay, do you have ur account code atleast?

I’m not sure I don’t think so… unless it’s on the Google play receipts. I have the monthly survivor’s club too… ahhhhhh I messaged support

Google play receipt work…

Thank you!

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