Old features need some love

Territories- a long forgotten play area. What happened to bonus crates or trainers to fight over? What about the territories like baltimore and such that haven’t been active in forever? Generate some activity over there.
Prestige- what is the point of that michonne?

Scav camp-missions need a big update.

Blitz war-these were fun and could break up the monotony of lvl/sr/lvl/raid/lvl/lvl


Territories are broken with constant crashes and scopely have no idea how to fix it. So no more fun for us

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All territories are white atm

Territories isn’t reliable enough to have an event without a massive backlash.

The prestige toon isn’t relevant anymore but the bonuses are and releasing a new toon for prestige which is based off spending more than login once you get higher probably wouldn’t be well received.

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