Old Discussion Forum


Does anyone have a link to the old forum that still works? Mine aren’t working. TIA


I was told a while back there was a security issue with the old vBulletin forum. It is possible it has been pulled down for these reasons.


Is lori or aaron the next 6*


Everyone who’s watched the way Scopely as a company is should have seen this coming. Sad but if you care about a topic you should screenshot it.
The above-mentioned of security issue is probably more a liability issue.


Somebody remarked upon the fact that the old forum was removed about 2 months ago or so now. I can’t remember who it was that posted about it though and can’t seem to find it in here (strange since I’ve never noticed posts go missing or anything :wink: ). It was implied by said poster or following commentors that it was deactivated/deleted so we couldnt consult it regarding old promises or topics discussed. I also think I recall somebody responding to it saying that scopely did not want to maintain/keep paying for the old forum which is why it was removed. If anybody can find the old post you are my hero (I think it was commented on inside of a thread that may or may not have been deleted).



I was told it was a security issue the end of last year due to how it was setup initially. I was planning to message it but I honestly had no idea it was removed until I went to go look at old posts yesterday!

Feel free to keep a thread with screenshots if you would like. I was hoping we could download the old posts but was told it wasn’t possible.