Old characters and new collections or maybe more complete

I really want to feel nostalgic and see more characters belonging to the comic and more collections to value each time you get one of them, maybe events from the 32 volumes of the comic getting missing characters, legendary and things like that

Days Gone Bye, Donna, Jim, Allen, Ben and Billy being legendary Jim

Miles Behind Us Characters like Lacey, Arnold, Billy, Patricia being legendary maybe Billy or Patricia

Safety Behind Bars Julie, Crhis, Susie, Rachel and Thomas

Heart Desire obviously Carol

The calm before, Carol again ending with blood on her neck as an evolution so to speak final

Made to suffer, Billy in his riot suit as legendary or maybe Lori with a judi in his arms with a gun

it would cause me too much to see how there are characters that you always want to have legendary and totally complete collections or other love triangles, Billy, Carol and a walker


I’d like this 100 times If I could. I’m so dried up with these Stupid Randoms they keep inventing out of nowhere and who are of course outstanding Survivors who know perfectly how to survive.

Yeah, it’s easy to survive if your entire existence is a 2 Act Roadmap :unamused:.

I would actually spend again if they made a Legedary or better S-Class Allen, but as long as this doesn’t happen, I’m gonna waste another cent to this Game.

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Axel, Gabriel and garrett got legendary mode. I say brock should get his own 6*

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