Old bug resurfaced?

With the latest sr tourney I’ve noticed something I hadn’t seen since sr first released. Back then if you crit a reflect walker(green) and the walker reflected the damage, your character would instantly die.

Now I’m seeing this bug again. Not only is it frustrating to endure, but also to see that something I thought was gone come back to bite me in the ass.

The old bug was that it calculated your crit as true damage, IE health taken from the walker so would reflect based on that amount (like 3K). Now it calculates it on the actual damage, against reflect on early stages you can hit really hard with 5*+s so the reflect is still really high.

As @Lockdown Lockdown said. The old bug was that Headshot would reflect damage based on the remaining walker’s HP. We fixed that by if it was a headshot, we calculated the real damage and reflect on top of that instead of remaining HP, and it’s been like that since we fixed (AFAIK version 4.0), and nothing changed for 9.2.

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In bronze stages if you hit a green walker with reflect dmg with a simple weapon you risk to have your 6* killed too.
On silver you can get a reflect dmg equal to half of your hp.

My suggestion/workaround is charge your rush and go with that vs the green reflect dmg walkers.