Old 5* toons to become ascendable


Is there an update if there are going to be any old 5* toons to new ascendable 6*?
The last lot included Andrea.


Knox, Maggie, Carley and Dwight are the only left to become 6* but im not sure if its not more of them


Do you know which version of Maggie?


Tough from the Depot


Thx mate


You forgot Rose :wink:


Everyone forgets Rose, even though that have her.


Kinda understandable. There are so many War Price Toons to choose from: Erin, Douglas, Jackson,
Monica and they choose Rose.


Would love a legendary Jackson, was a quality toon back in the day.


Yeah, me too. And he would be a easier to acess since he’s in Ascendance


They’ll never make Monica ascendable, unless they change her rush she’d be too similar to Erika and a better red zeke


Problably Not. But Thanks to her Indominable and all she’s one of the few 5* who survive in the 6* Meta.


YOU HAVE TO WAIT ONLY TO 2023 :slight_smile:


I would love to see an updated list or timeline.


Minigun viktor needs to be made ascendable. He used to be so bad ass. I’d love to see him usable again… I’m not just saying him because I have him…


a while ago i found this


Seems legit…






Hahaha sorry pat pat