Old 5* characters to 6* characters


Hello let me make it clear that I’m not the type to complain over little things but this has been bothering me for a while so here it is, I think that instead of focusing on new 5* and 6* characters (wyatt, yvette, jerimiah, etc) scopely should focus their efforts on making all previous 5s ascendable! I mean this would TOTALLY stop all the complaints from people who have spent SERIOUS $ on getting 5s like neutralize Carl, shield Michonne, etc and all of a sudden all those characters are useless against 6s (So people are understandably mad) so moral of the story focus most current efforts to make old 5s ascendable!!! Please


I don’t mind them taking time cause it helps me catch up but why do we have to sacrifice 8 characters or trainers epics.This gets Maddening and boring.I do see your point aswell


It’s not even 2018 yet. When they (Scopely) have said they will be releasing more OG toons as ascendables.