Okay I'm wondering on a few things

I just heard that a person named lockdown on Twitter ( who I couldn’t find) has announced everyone will be getting 1250 coins free on Tuesday. Has anyone heard anything on this? And I updated my roster some this week. Got Joshua, Andrea and Shiva ready…I love my toons. I’m a infant at this game but am fortunate to have a 4 year playing mentor whose my icon. She has every toon you can name and paid nothing. That’s my goal. She’s earned what she has. That’s a true goal for me and I hope to be playing as long as she has. This game is truly fun. I’m so happy with the ascension. Its gradual but I’m building…just kinda confused. I like michonne as leader but Andrea has the shield. So if these players were yours, who would you put where. Keep in mind that Tobin and mike will be ascended by the end of the week.

Actually we’re getting them free on Monday. There’s a pinned thread titled “Promises for the Future”.


The coins is correct. See the future promises thread.

And I’d keep Michonne as lead for an attack team, but I’d put Andrea lead on a defence team

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Thank you so much. I had heard but couldn’t find the source.

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Yay enough coins for 100 monkeys

And that’s how I have atm. Michonne with negan, Charlie and G.Rick, if I add yumiko its S8 if I add Shiva its S8+. Appreciate it much!

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Thanks ill check it out.

There is a group on line designed for making teams @Conquest can add you :slight_smile:

Goodluck x


There is absolutely no way you can have “every toon you can name” and paid nothing. Just stop the exaggeration.


Lockdown is a YouTuber (a very good one!) he was just doing a video on the message scopely sent out that included the coins.

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My friend literally has alot of toons even some that aren’t available anymore. And some newer ones. She has everyone I can think of. Nobodies exaggerated nothing. She’s working on alot of the new ones she got the Negan, govenor, alpha and piper just last event. Just bc you can’t do it doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t. She’s been playing 4 years and hasn’t bought anything. Makes ya mad don’t it? When you spend mountains and can’t get half of what old school players have. She’s still my icon and I still hope to have half the players she’s got. Lol. Heck, even a quarter of her roster would be good for me. She’s got doubles of some too. Don’t come under ppls convos with rudeness. Nobodies exaggerated nothing. You can think what you want. Don’t really care. I know.

Thanks. Is it a web page or like this forum? Yes I’m interested.

Can i have some please

Cool ill have to check him out. I looked for him on Twitter bc that’s where said person directed me. Didn’t look on YouTube. But thanks!

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Wolfy don’t be naive, majority of peeps on this forum are vets of 4 years or close to it…myself included. If this person has all the toons as you say they have then they spent a ton to keep up…old legacies don’t mean much…it’s all about doc Stevens, Zachary and new extremely op toons.


Can’t do it? It’s a premier wheel and rng. What is there to do besides spend coins on premiers. New premier every week with approx 1 in what, 200 chance of getting one. Can only watch 30 videos a day so 90 coins x 7 or 630 a week. That’s 2 pulls. As a ftp there’s no way you can keep pulling every new premier. Nice try.

Does your icon take requests? I need a new mentor and would love to have all these cool toons

Well now I didn’t say she use weekly coins to make premier pulls. She does every week…and pulled alot when she won the 20,000 coins. Twice. Lol. Some ppl have better luck then others too. Yeah and she’s been doing that. I just said she hadn’t spent a dime on buying them. Now she does earn alot. But to think of it she is the luckiest player I know of . we had 2 or 3 in our faction get 20,000 at least once. That’s her premier pulls for a while. Lol.

I know she spent the first 20,000 on pulls. But don’t think she did the other. That’s alot of recruits…

I know thats your go at being snarky. She said no, go earn your own like she had too.

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