Okay, I was wrong abt S class

I just fought the new S class Pete. Boy, was I wrong! Last week there was a poll running abt thoughts on him. I said I thought he was a good idea. Boy, was I wrong. I just fought him in raids and he starts the team off with abt 20% blue line then hits gaurdian and revs it up to a 100%. Not to mention my team including Charlie and negan didn’t put a little dent in him and plus he took them out with ease. If this is the new standard for playing in raids, I fear for most of us. Lol. I can’t afford to buy him. Unless I get some crazy mad strong toons, won’t be able to fight him either. A friend suggests that controlling him( stun, impair, confuse, taunt ECT) might be key to beating him. But if he starts out with a blue line and by turn 2 is already full force gaurdian what good will it do? Seriously? We need a serious impair/ confuse combo then. Which I have Gaurdian Rick, michonne winter ed. And yumiko, with Charlie and Negan kirkman…it doesn’t get much more confusing nor taunty then that. Like I said, didn’t faze him. My toons are babies though. None are max tier 4 . Going to have to work on that and see. What’s your thoughts on S class Pete? Who do you think will fare best against him?


With stronger offensive toons you shouldn’t have as much trouble with him. Also the fact that you don’t have a decap on your team is hurting you a lot. Did you manage to pick up Leon from the league store last season?


He kinda takes the AR back to the 5* days, no?


with a def down and morgan stacked with attack mins you can 1 shot him

No. I I missed out on him. Trying for Regina . I’m working on a decap. Yeah , its just my toons aren’t even tiered out there like tier 2 except negan who was the last one standing. It took quite a few licks on him and Charlie deals good damage. I’m working on a Tobin that’s pretty good to replace yumiko too. Thanks for the ideas…ill deff be on getting a decap. I need one to put my shiva with too.

Man that’s a good idea.

I took him down pretty easy

What toons did you use if I may ask? Gimme a idea of what ya need…thanks!

He himself is not the problem, in combination with red negan, elle and mia it gets hard.

I see White Shiva. Remember that bleed damage only affects standard HP, not bonus HP. Of course you can’t cause decap with bleed, so multiple revives have to be managed, but stacking of bleed is a very useful strategy against high bonus HP teams.

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All the s-class are impossible to beat with a free to play roster. I see this game dying real fast now

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I mean no disrespect by saying this but the team grades you’ve posted are not high enough to take on top teams… S8 ain’t gonna cut the mustard afraid.

I am not a whale, I’m not bragging or flexing but without a stronger/maxed team your bound to struggle.

Plus no matter what level/tier/grade you are loosing is part of game. I’ve beat teams thought wouldn’t yet lost to teams usually beat purely on how it plays out with mods/weps/ar etc.

Learn from losses on who to target who poses threat how other team set up sync.

An for the record I think S class is awful idea

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Lol that’s me ahahaha


I am F2P and smashed some Pete teams during CRW… on auto!
I even wrecked a team made of Michelle lead, Doc, Zach, Pete and Negan, during raids. It’s all about controls, disarm, decap… a number of factors.

“And yumiko, with Charlie and Negan kirkman…it doesn’t get much more confusing nor taunty then that.”
Yes it does! Both my attack teams control him decently… My melee has taunt from Romanov and double Aris as active, taunt from guardian Rick as AR, and stun from Michelle’s AR and Aris’… While my ranged confuses with Douglas’ active or Michonne’s AUG that also disarms, Barker’s rifle impairs on attack, Regina decaps and Michelle stuns on AR. It can be done… sometimes on auto. But that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be a grind.

If you have these toons, all were accessible freely at some point in the last year, it works nicely if you get weapons and mods right.

Andrea: 20% AP to self, huge AP on attack, attack
Ajax: stun, HP, def; reflect damage mod to pop guardian bubbles.
Maggie: impair on attack, AP on attack, def
Negan: use Dwight’s or Maggie’s riffle with double attack, AP on attack, attack
Michonne: confuse, AP on attack, attack

If no Michonne, substitute in Earl with a double attack gun or impair on attack. The key ingredient is Maggie’s rush giving 75% attack buff, but you do have to rush your other toons on that same turn. Target negans first to kill him with regular hits, and try to confuse or stun mias before you kill her to avoid Outlast.

Most of those pesky red teams will die with this team, I used it to great success this war. Hope it helps get a team going for you.

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This Pete is insanely OP, as is the new Wayland, I have just defeated a double Wayland team but I will still call him out for being massively OP.
It gets to a point where you can legitimately argue that Zach(!), as mental as he is, isn’t in the top 5 toons anymore.

Pete just adds extra rounds and extends the time to beat the defending team. I wouldn’t say insanely op lol.
This Premier toon can be reasonably defeated by other premier toons.

He increases the amount of turns they stay alive which increases the amount of turns they have avaliable to build an AR, staying alive longer is the fundamental basics of winning on this game. He revives 2, which very few characters do in the entire game, he gives 3 Guardian Shields, which no character in the game does and he removes maim and restores the health taken from that maim, again which very few characters can do in the game. He heals better than most healers and tanks better than most tanks.
And since he is not in a vaccume, he makes toons such as Mia and Zach exceptionally stronger.


I’ve found that Michelle lead with a lacerator like fast Shiva or Martinez can really get the bleed going. Martinez has the advantage of heal reduction.