Okay i just noticed "sawyer" is really


the chainsaws, the meathooks, the name. he’s leatherface, likely minus the mental handicap


yikes. let’s hope they don’t add the hills have eyes people next

i would post pics of his meathooks, but it’s gory and idk if that’s allowed.

He used them on the hippie chick i think or was it the hot surfer dude ?

its been some time since i’ve seen the movies, so details are fuzzy. also i found this on google

leatherface is a butcher, too.

Speaking of Sawyer, they should add a legendary version of him sometime. Kinda like Davie, you know? Re-instill all those crazy/scary toons, more of those would be nice, lol.

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a jason inspired character would be badass. i would spend money for that.

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probably sometime down the line.


You are just noticing this now??

How long before you notice that 4s Darnell looks like Snoop Dogg?


The facial scar is also reminiscent of leatherface’s brother from the first film.

Almost like he was released in October…

tbh idk if it was October, surely someone can fact check me within a few hours lol

1s Gerald looks like Jason Ritter
1s Caleb looks like the kid from The Gifted
4s Cassidy looks like Ruth Nega who plays Cassidy on Preacher.

Will there be a character referencing John Kramer/Jigsaw?