Okay here's what support told me

On the gold bars, I asked for my count which at the time was 285 but they told me to keep collecting them heres the message:

so now you know as much as I know. Lol


Does say near future, so fingers crossed!!!

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I sincerely hope the information that support gave you was right, however historically they have not had good information.


“Kate here by the way”

Signed… Kylie.


Plus they say their name is Kate but replied by Kylie. Unless Kate is short for Kylie?

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Hey. Give them a break. They both start will “K”.


Very true Carmine


Looks like a cut and paste answer originally to Kate lol


What sucks is people will keep collecting and they will raise the amount needed so you would of had to collect all this time just to level up the toon.


It’s the scopely way

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All I know is the reoccurrence of the daily gold bar map is the most dependable thing in the game at the moment.


Thanks for asking @Wolfy, but gees I don’t know, I am getting really sus that this is going to be another plushie gate disaster, and the longer they leave it the worse it’s gonna be.

At least by running the road map we are getting a few tokens etc. But the real incentive is the gold bars to upgrade an S class which we have not received.

My hope is that they will do the right thing, if they are not going to do another gold bars S class, and let us exchange collected bars for S class collectibles.


Ikr? I was like okay. Lol

Yeah it is. I hope we find out soon

That’s the only thing I can figure. Katie/ Kylie. Hey maybe her computer auto tuned her name and she can’t change it now so she has to physically tell ppl she’s Kate.

Either way at this point id be happy…

Aha! Way to go Scoob! Lol

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While this is true, I hope she’s right or we at least get a bar exchange. But basing on past experiences, I have a feeling your right.

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I’m afraid either we are wasting our time or by the time they come out they’ll be ridiculously high to tier up.