Ok what I do wrong now?


So I log in today as normal and start to raid away. Totally minding my business, kicking everyone’s butt. Haven’t even been in any chat since last night, over 12 hours ago. After 30 minutes into raids, I’m suddenly informed that I have a 24 hour ban. What did I do wrong now? Any ideas?




Bans aren’t immediate… I remember reading it said that a human has to review whatever got flagged and then make a determination. So, if that is true, it could have been something you did/said in chats last night…


Ban from the chat or the whole game?


24 hour ban from game


Every time I’ve seen a chat ban it’s been immediate


That’s harsh


People got butt hurt from you kicking too much butt.


I also received a 24 hour ban after logging on for a few raids.
Can’t see anything that justified my ban either.


That’s because some regions have weaponized the report button. Faction have began use the report button as a way to remove people from their regions. I happened to a friend of mine. He wouldn’t bend over and take it from the top 3 factions and they banned together to get him banned. The new chat filter is only part of the new system and people have began to shape their region how they want them. Don’t like someone report them as a group and they are gone. Carful who you talk to and better make sure you dont step on the wrong toes or you to will be wondering how and why you were banned.


This just shows that some people are assholes :confused:
I feel sorry for your friend


Do you play with an offensive name?

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The sad part is that the game ban was implemented because the old reporting system didn’t work. Scopley wanted to take action against bullies and stand against cyperbullying with this new feature and that is admirable.

Problem is the system now works in reversed mode. While it might help against cyber bullying it has also given the bullies a legitimate way of “bullying in a new way”. Simply mass report someone you don’t like. If Scopley receives mass amount of reports (true or not true) I highly doubt they go through every single accusation before banning - no they issue a 24 hour ban. So yes it is viewed by a person and not a bot but it is judged by numbers and not quality.

So what was meant to be a good thing is now turned against them and is being misused.

We all will have to live with it as I doubt Scopley wants to invest sufficient amount of support staff to really investigate and I doubt they will roll back the system either.

So it’s really just a classic issue of collateral damage. It wasn’t anticipated the system would b exploited but it is and if the cost is banning innocents while also catching the real bullies then you are merely collateral damage.
Sadly but true :blush:

Of course I could be wrong but it’s used in many forms across many businesses and if the risk is lower than the benefit then it will stay this way. Standard business practice for many companies.

Edit: There are and have always been really down right nasty bullies in this game so I support the system. Just to be clear on that because something had to be done but of course I would prefer a more flawless system - I just don’t think they will invest in it.


This is 100% false. @JB.Scopely @LadyGeek would you like to set this player straight


It’s called Ban wars. It’s happening in my region.


That was my point also. I wish Scopley would realize that the ban system is being exploited as it is right now and lots of innocent people are being affected for no reason.


I can’t believe I read this long comment, I have to pat myself on the back later, but anyway…
Well said


The problem with this kind of aligation is that it breeds paranoia. My faction (where I was leader until we left the region) was accused of ‘weaponised reporting’ which was a total, outright lie. Three people got banned from one faction for 24 hours and we were accused with zero evidence. No one in my faction even knew they guys in the faction as they were fairly new to my then region. Got to the point we had to leave because it was brought up daily in global and my guys just got tired of it.


It is true. We have a player who is constantly getting the 24 hour ban. Hasn’t been in global in forever. We know which players are reporting them. scopley doesn’t care.


It’s not true at all