Ok very confused about why some Maple leaves allow collection and some don't

Am I missing something? Can somebody explain this please?
I have achieved the 2000 milestone

But it hasn’t activated for the following (and more):

Are my missions glitched or am I completely missing something here?

Shall I send this to support or is there a reason I’m missing?

Bug. Orange leaves are counting as Green leaves for some of the missions

Not quite another -gate, but certainly another f_ck up.


there’s a daily mission that says “use 25 banana split”, but how the hell do you get them?

This entire mission event looks to me very convoluted/confusing. Luckily I don’t really need any gear.

Ahhhh, I thought they were just counting orange leaves as ‘green maple leaves’ and green leaves as ‘green leaves’. So what’s the difference between Green Maple Leaves and Green Leaves? I’m usually able to get my head around these things quickly but I am majorly confused with this one.

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Yeah I was thinking that. I don’t know how to get enough to actually use any.

It’s super complicated and confusing (seriously, Green Leaves and Green Maple Leaves as different items??)

It seems Green Leaves are premium only, and so far have no use other than enabling that collection. I have an offer for 400 of them at about 3 €. It would make no sense if you only need two though. They’re probably energy for the Legandary gear map; we’ll see in a couple of hours when it starts.


I have no idea what i’m doing or the point in this event.

Collected some tokens > cashed in for leaves > get some banana splits > got some more tokens.

Why would they put out a museum collection for gear and not include 6* gear?
No one can be short on 5* gear surely?

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5* gear is always welcome, as is 4* gear. Means less farming gear maps, and more farming survivors, and allows me to save league store markers for other things. I go through a good amount of 4*/5* gear regularly.

[ETA] Oh, and I’ve often been short recently, though the Michonne event helped a lot. Will be nice to carry this surplus forward for a bit longer.

This. Its like a circle. Spending time in game while gaining nothing.
And if you want to break the circle you can always claim 4* gear or… spend cash for some premium options.

Cool event. Have some pancakes, worthless “creator” of this stupidity.

Looks like Scopely is so convinced in perfection of their prediction algorithms and models that at some point for creative department they started hiring the cheapest possible “professionals”.


This. How f_cking confusing. If only there were other colours that leaves can possibly be other than green and green


It’s even worse. The offer description for Green Leaves reads “Premium Maple Leafs”. No, that’s exactly the thing they are not! They are not Maple, that’s the whole point! (Well, they are Maple of course, but they are not). And they’re also not “Leafs”, but I’m willing to let this one slide.

I agree confused by this 9.99 offer had 1200 green leaves

Banana splits drop when you run the OL maps. Usually 1 or 2 at a time, I got 30 once

This could have been an awesome event.
It seems like alot of time and effort was put into creating it.
But if anyone has ever actually played Walking Dead RTS like us hard core daily grinders. Then they would have known what gear was needed. Mainly S class gear.
Not this bull shit gear.
Why to go scam you F’d up again because none of you play this game !!!

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There is currently an offer up for green leaves. Seems breaking the event and adding confusion.

I think you mean « green leafs ». According to scopely anyways.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the report. We are aware of this issue as stated in this communication. High Roller Harvest mission - Green Maple Leaves not counting [11/27]

I just had support get back to me about receiving Maple leaves as a reward on the epic weapon cache. They stated that I received weapon tokens, but they CLEARLY showed visually when I opened as maple leaves.

I guess that there are a few glitches involving these items at the moment.

Hello everyone,

We have made a communication around the fact that the issues linked to Harvest Festival Offer & Event Progress Issues have been solved. You can find this thread here: (Harvest Festival Offer & Event Progress Issues)