OK this is stupid

I type the letter ‘B’ for camp coordination and I get a ban? Come on scopely you are running my day. This is out of hand that your filter system is getting retarded. Sometimes it filters actual profanity but for the most part it makes attack coordination impossible. This game is getting to where it’s not worth playing anymore. 24 hour ban for the system being too sensitive


Possible the system logged it as spam, so it wasn’t what you said, but because you said it multiple times?

I Guess it will come to a point where greeting each other “morning” now is just gonna get those words ### too then just because it’s used multiple times. Genius system.


@JB.Scopely an algorithm shouldn’t be in control of banning. The report system was greatly improved and it should be what decides measures such as this. A faction leader that can’t make callouts because a program thinks he is abusive is useless in war. I’m not asking to remove my temporary ban. My coleads are great and can still direct the faction (unless the AI hits them as well) but please consider reducing the sensitivity of the filter. I admit I swear a lot but being military it’s ingrained in me. I don’t do it to harass people and it’s almost always in my own faction chat.
This is just very frustrating and makes the game painful when it should be relaxed.


What I find weird is that it’s not programmed to detect deliberately offensive names. How can players like “cntsmasher” and “razorrapist” and “cnztz” (but with a u not an *) not be detected and players banned for breaching t&cs?

This made me lol…

Global, event chat - I understand the need for some auto-moderation, but the chat filter doesn’t need to exist within faction chat lbr.


You need to use :b: instead now apparently

Gotta love that new chat filter…


I’m not sure why scopely keeps insisting there’s nothing wrong with the filter when they’re literally being told by the player base that it’s a cruddy system.


Did you try using colored hashtags (#) ?

Red means camp A
Green means camp B
Pink means watch tower
Blue means armory
Brown means mayors house



Got a member that got a 24-hour ban last week and still cannot use chats

Just for saying kinky smh

Your faction mates hate you they must of reported you

I just laughed so hard

^2 all day long

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