Ok these who would you use?

To try and beat the last 2 stages on the blue flags roadmap?

FYI they are not all maxed out or have mods.

Before anyone talks crap


Then bring in a compatible faction helper. None of these are particularly hard.

You can do something similar with Garrett lead, Solange, Shiva, Ivanova, and SR Zeke.

It didn’t work, they just kept reviving, till they fill blue bars and Regina just took me out one by one.

What faction supporters do you have?

For 2nd to last, which is defensive enemies, I’d run an attack lead like Negan or Mirabelle. I can’t remember if last stage is more offensive enemies, so then you run slightly defensive team.

This is what I used for 2nd to last, and I even decided to not use decap Chris or better characters I had, nor did I use the best faction supporter available.

Amber, Zachery, Erica, these are three best characters my faction has to use.
My faction is for helping new\less active people so not many have much.

My uber-conservative team for flags. Plain speaking, 3 revives to backup the backup to being killed. A maim to log definitive damage, slow as hell against a toon with 5k HP though, balanced lead. Used Chris and Alpha for facs supports. Once I got the maim low enough I decapped.

All had stun so Regina never went off, only had to worry about death by old age with the heal and revive ARs

Thanks for the help.
I will not be able to finish it. Sucks being a 4½yr long player and being a have not in the game. I tried multiple team set-ups but without good weapons, mods, rng, characters it always ends the same, when it comes to these, not meant to be finished by average player events.

Sandy, Governor, Donny, Mirabelle and probably Andrea too.

I tried with reds and a green Alpha who was quite useless and beat both final stages.

Try a diego faction supporter. Defense down and impair to all adjacent enemies? Yes, please! :weary:

A green decap faction supporter like Chris or Alpha could be great too. Just focus regina first and decap her then go for eric next, while leaving Sherry last.

They just updated the wheels and you just gotta be smarter in the strategy.

You saw I used a pretty basic team as well, and I managed to get it to work. If clearly the lack of good faction helpers is holding you back, you should find a new faction. It’s nice that you want to help people who are less active or new, but if that’s clearly backfiring on you, you can’t really blame the game when others are making it work with similar set-ups.