Ok so i found someone with a level 116 priya and im wondering if hes hacking?

scopley please look into the this, its ridiculous!

they have 150 lvls now

I am sure scopley know this player very well , and I am sure scopley love him lol


hey you’re in my region

While Priya S class is definitely ridiculous, Scopely designed it that way. The Ss you show isn’t even A maxed Priya, and there are several maxed Priya around.

No he’s just a mega whale. Has been since he began playing in Chilton. Super nice guy though

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You might want to look into the pinned threads about S Class updates. They gave them a stats buff and increased max level to 150 at tier 4.

S Class toons now can reach lvl 150 dude. You should check the facts before


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