Ok so boys I discovered something

Maybe that cable dude? He’s legit. He’s just a authorized retailer (He basically sells it at a cheap price and not spectrum prices. And sends out people) It’s just his business is a bit shady and unprofessional. You took that 50$ had us wait 4 days (tomorrow makes it 5) after it gets cut off. Cutting off cable is just like flipping that outside switch in that locked transformer box. This dude is unprofessional. Anyway boys. I just hope it gets back on. I really dont wanna be in a another long home wifi disconnection.

Having a online life, and not being connected to the internet makes me anxious, bored and worried and impatience as ever. (So he’s legit) But he’s just really unprofessional.

That cable guy is just trolling u imo

He kinda is. He’s a spectrum authorized dealer but this dude isn’t a clown. He’s the whole ■■■■■■■ circus :joy: How can you make us wait wednesday. I bet a dante (Can’t trade it so oof) he won’t come. If he doesn’t come Im gonna be angry and salty. (If you dont know what I mean google spectrum authorized dealer)

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Seriously, take this to PMs.