Ok scopley..... Relax with your insane lvl up milestones


2 million points for a single piece of 6* gear?? Since i have started this game i have seen 1, maybe 2 people in my region, ever clear 2 million. Your milestones aren’t even attainable for 99% of your player base… The only people who will hit this either have an abundance of t2-t4 lvl 1 6* and some luck. The others will be super whales who just insta finish as many scav missions as it takes.

Get real with your insanely stupid milestones, player first my …


They are hoping to drain the whales. Having a 2 mill milestone with those rewards shouldn’t bother 99.9% of players. Just pretend it doesn’t exist. Personally I will be chasing it but it’s just the right time and right rewards for me.


If the solo event is a 2 million milestone can you just imagine what a faction level up milestone is going to be.


2 ways it comes across:

  1. scopely naively thinks players are so starved they’ll spend to push for that insane milestone.
  2. scopely stupidly thinks that’s actually a proper corresponding value for 1 virtual item, and/or is within reach weekly for a good percentage of players LOL


A month ago they were putting ascendable toons as a 1 million milestone reward. It was awesome and fair. Why did Scopely have to change it for much worse?