Ok I’m not smart, so help me anyways

Where is the monthly schedule. Seriously no joke.
You have two choices. You can be a pal, or you can be a D.
But really I’m not on line or anything

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It’s under the announcements tab.

IMO, it should always be pinned to the front page unless outdated or contain false information.


Thank you guys. Yeah it’s not up front, which I believe it should be. But thank you

Can we be a D now that you’ve been helped?

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How is it not up front?Its one of the first articles on the latest tab.


Maybe he had to pin it, mine didn’t stay up until I jacked with some settings and pinned it, don’t even remember what I did but it used to not stay up top

You can also set a personal pin/unpin.

right now too many topics are globally pinned so it’s just showing the latest few threads updated. Unpin those and it’ll show at the top once again.

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