Ok here’s some words for those who don’t like my videos

Ok so recently people have been telling me stuff like “delete you channel” and “quit making videos” all I can tell you is that’s not going to me leave no instead it makes me want to stay and make more. also remember to think if it’s necessary to say it cause negativity doesn’t help anyone. I started YouTube to hopefully cure my anxiety but because I’m getting hurtful comments that makes me feel unwanted so please no negative comments on my videos. Constructive criticism is acceptable but remember I’m just one person here making weekly videos I have no help in my videos. So just keep all comments positive and constructive non of that quit YouTube stuff.

That my little speech over
,Capt Walker Slayer


Good luck. Tell that to the big youtubers too. Because they don’t want hurtful comments either.


That’s the thing negativity helps no one

You can’t stop the world being negative, but you can stop listening


True but it happens to everyone that is in the public eye. It comes with the territory. You’ll need to accept that it will happen or disable comments.

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Ok thank you all for the advice

Listen to what @Parker said :blush:

There will always be negative people around but the best advise is to simply ignore it. Don’t let it get to you and just skip reading it :blush::blush:


Free world you carry on bud🤗

I like your videos

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Idk but @@ hate always did helped creators, comments/like/dislike, those things helped the algorithm. For example some video with alot of dislike was recommended to me. Also youtube when they see a video have more comments they recommend that video to others. So stop saying that hate doesn’t help anyone. Negativity = Hate = comments = more views = more popularity. @@ see the big picture

Dude, never ever ever let what people tell you on YouTube determine your mood. Those people will do everything they can to break you down. One of my favorite songs in the world has a line that says I know my worth is more than your words.

My son has been a YouTuber for many many years. At first he got a lot of It broke him down and made him very very sad. We talked about it and he has learned to tune out those negative people. He still gets people on his comments that make extremely negative comments.Yet his YouTube channel has continued to grow and he is doing quite well.

Another line of a song I love says perseverance builds character! You r worth is more than their words! Keep chugging along and ignore the idiots.


That’s not the best advice but it’s advice none the less. Those that ignore all negative based comments will also ignore constructive criticism because it will be taken as negative.

Just need to be able to take it. Also separate out bs vs criticism.

Ignorance can be bliss, but it’s not always the smartest path.

It’s not exactly what I meant :blush:

I meant to ignore it in such as don’t let it get to you :blush:

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If you enjoy making them then you do you dude! If people don’t like them they don’t have to watch…and if they keep watching…they a fan. Don’t let them bother you x


The most important thing you can learn in therapy, in my opinion, is a little gem. You can’t control other people’s reactions. You are only responsible for your own actions.

If you are not mentally tough enough to take these comments at face value (that’s all you can do because you’ve no idea what is going on with the person making those comments), then you do need to reconsider whether you should be deliberately exposing yourself to things that upset you like this. And if it’s time to stop making videos, then stop.

If you are making videos for you, that’s awesome, but you’re inviting people to comment, and unfortunately not everyone will have your own feelings and particular sensitivities in mind when expressing their own views. The world does not revolve around you.

I would also say that posts like this don’t help much. You are exposing a vulnerable side to people who look for weaknesses and poke at them. You need to be in the real world, dealing with real people and weeding the toxic ones out, not looking for something anonymous individuals won’t give you on the internet.


Ok so now I’m deciding to disable comments. So if you want to interact with me message me on the official discord server I’m always active there or reply on my forum posts

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Then those people have won. Rise above it man and once again it is what I’d be into my kids head figuratively of course… You’re worth is more than their Words!


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Do what you said in your own post bud, let the negative drive you, fuel you, people love to see another fall, prove them wrong, show them that their opinions don’t matter, that is what I do. I call my haters my fans cause they are, if someone really doesn’t like you or your videos then ok but they wouldn’t waste time commenting, so think of it like this hater has you on their mind all the time, it hurts them to see you succeed and use it to your advantage. No one’s opinion about you should matter but your own, I understand anxiety, depression, etc very well but I have learned to flip it, turn the tables. Another thing to note, when people are hating they are most likely self projecting, these are things they think of themselves and instead of acceptance they lash out to feel better. Constructive criticism is great and can help your channel but the trolling and negative won’t stop, think of it like this, they want you to stop, they want you defeated, don’t give them what they want, use it as fuel to drive you and make them more upset cause they are the ones who are negative and they will get more negative and it will tear them apart inside.

Theirs a secret to YouTube that most don’t understand, when someone comes to comment negative, thank them for the view. Pewdipie did 2 videos about this but I don’t think most got the message, like him or not he is the biggest tuber, but his videos, one was asking for a million likes and the next video was asking for a million dislikes, cause non of that matters, views are views.