Oh Scopely you shouldn't have

No I mean that you really shouldn’t have.

So I guess I should be speeches by this amazing gift.


Fool me once…

Is this the reward from another rollback I’ll inevitably get screwed by?

Is this some sort of early April Fool’s day joke?

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This was so ridiculous that l laughed… oh well more fodder I guess

Is this really what you guys think of us? @JB.Scopely not even gonna claim it.

Where is mine? This is outrageous! Unfair! Guess I’m not dedicated enough


So… What’s the occasion?

omg I didnt get it
9mmpistol ~ gate


We noticed it in the wheel last night with Ajax.

I assumed it was because I told my faction mate I was guaranteed to pull it instead of a shield.

I had also wonder ifnit was from where I made a purchase in one region only to have it show up in another, costing me Solange in the prior region, plus I was originally denied a refund on their mistake.

Too bad I don’t have anymore coins, but I let my 30 day pass lapse and my recent troubles and this leave me with a lack of confidence in the future of this game.

Keep on surviving


Free stuff, don’t claim it if you don’t want it

Being free doesn’t make it any less bad.

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Technically, a sinus infection is free. So is a head cold. And ebola.


could be some haxor weapon which gives 100000k att, stun on att and def , abs def, reduce ap to zero, revive on attack

try it out, u cant always see the benefits

I didnt get it

I demand compensation
maybe a basic token


I havent gotten anything :frowning:

Calm down guys I am sure it’s stacked heavily with TBD.

Like they cannnnot be serious. Ultimate trolls.