Oh no..... ( yeah extra chars)

Damn I was just playing and realized wtf is going on. It’s a series of habits, we do the same thing over and over… nothing is really exciting, so many errors and we are fighting a machine that we can never win against ( the company/content creators)

When this jones thing happened, I thought that was messed up they just threw it away while others benefited… the tokens that we can never use from a few weeks ago apparently will disappear… the war wheel structure and toons, the same overall lack of materials we all need like trainers for things we need to excel in the game…

It’s just a lot of lack. We should all just chill because when you go on auto pilot it means this game is controlling you and I get it’s been years for many but damn… I believe I’m waking up.

In lamens terms, damn this whole game starting to feel like some bullship.

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