Oh my Lord. The forums is out of control!


Do y’all really need to create multiple threads on the same topic! I get it; you’re pissed about the rewards etc, but come on! There’s no need to create multiple threads of the same topic. Please create one huge thread to express your anger, or post in the rant thread thanks.

P. S

If you don’t like the rewards, then don’t participate in the war, and just spend time with your friends and families. It’s as simply as that. I doubt you’ll be kicked for not participating if you’re active and message your faction leaders.

This is ridiculous, and the forums need rebuked in the name of RNGesus. I’m about to join their WWE game forum because folks over there seem more civilized. :joy:


That thread got unlisted. Also, if you were there the last few minutes, you would know why the forums spun out of control.


Of course the forum will be like this. People waited 2 weeks for nothing. Most of the players are pissed


Another idiot… if you don’t like the rewards don’t participate. God I hope you don’t go through life just accepting mediocrity.


But you just added to that… but. Yes. Ok.



squeaky wheel gets greased


The vast majority don’t bother reading or checking anything, they skip straight to typing


Ok I used to think this was not that important. Organization is nice but I didn’t think it served any real purpose.

Until I read this post from Kali
Apparently she only checks the Top threads, so if we really want stuff to appear on her radar we should stack all the posts into one thread.


Well your interpretation is wrong. I’m saying, that instead of complaining about how bad the war rewards are, and ranting on Scopley, why don’t you just take the weekend off to spend with family and friends. Your post was way off, and I said nothing about quitting the game. You said that crap; not me, so what the heck man? :smile:


Zi, you’re getting off topic, and beating around the bush. We’re talking about War not Raid and Level ups, but if you insist on knowing… I enjoy the game because of my faction, and the cool art from toons intrigues me to keep playing, and cool events. I play the events to help the team too. If I ever feel like not participating, then I’ll tell my faction ahead of time, and carry on with my day, but since I’m a loyal and true to the team, I choose to participate regardless if the rewards suck.

My whole point is: If you dislike the rewards and feel unmotivated to play, then no need to whine about it, when you can just take the weekend off to spend time with loved ones, but as always, the complainers will still play regardless which means they did all of that whining for nothing. Smh…


Come on man. Don’t be like that. We’re just having a discussion, and I appreciate that both of us can discuss without using vulgar language and insults. We both shared our thoughts, and I respect that. :slight_smile:


Well I guess I was a bit rude with the don’t participate part. I don’t want people to not play War because of me. Just enjoy yourself, and ignore that comment. I’m an ass for that and I’ll own up to it. I’ll be playing too since Turkey day will be coming up.

Hope you whoop their butts in war this time. Don’t let your enemies bring you down. :slight_smile: