Oh my lord Jesus help us all

Since wwhen is this a reward? I’m being serious. And its still better then the 3 raulitio bullets I pulled for days. Wrong bucket?


At least you have a bucket lol.


A very old bucket with holes is still a bucket I reckon.

I think mine is the poop bucket they use at there headquarters.


Oh no! :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

Were you around for the days of compensation being a bloody jacket and smelling salts? Lol


I believe so been playing roughly 2 years. Id prefer smelling salts. :joy::joy: they are actually useful.

Don’t give them any ideas!

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Lol. Right. Your right.

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Which is one more cake than you started the day with…
See, no problem

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What wheel?

Ahahaha! Don’t want nor need cake. Not 1 piece. Not 2 …

Michonne weel

Oh lord I’m so sorry. Lol

Be grateful and thank the bucket-God. Your bucket 3 times better than mine :smiley:

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Sad but true. Even the bullets, at least it was 3. Lol

Im in lucky bucket for now.


Whoo hoo! Congrats! Good job! How lucky was that? My luck never comes when I need it. Last aacendables I pulled out of the blue was Ryker and I count myself very lucky for that. Lol. I know I ain’t getting Michonne.

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I would be pretty grateful to receive 3 chocolate cake for essentially nothing. Sometimes you even get 10. Very nice event.