Oh man... (15 chars)


…are legues already broken, or is it the russian way of gameplay (cheating)?

The guy on 1st Place was about 30k behind me afte the raid tournament, he made about 6.5k in raids, while I made about 12k. now he’s made 30k in 20 minutes. How.

Fix it @JBscopely, or ban this guy, whatever may apply.


they most likely just got raid rewards before you


You’d be right if we were talking about 15k, but it’s about 30k, and as far as I remember, it was somethig about 15k for finishing first.


ah ok my b not going to lie i didnt fully read what you said there, good luck getting it figured out man


Hrhr its Chatham. Greetings Mate.

Btw. I wonder where are the rewards for us?


Cheers mate :grinning:

I got mine just right now.
And as I assumed, it was 15k for finishing first, 14ksomething for second and third.


The person in first from Russian server on mine literally had 30k within the first 30 mins of leagues release lol


Well, maybe it’s just a glitch like stats not refreshing, or just showing garbage. Wouldn’t be the first time.
But even if it’s just an problem with stats, it has to be fixed. How else could you react, if you can’t be certain that the stats are right?


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