Oh look... Scopley lied about Champions Arena

You must earn golden tickets to play in championship… LIES!

No tickets… no problem. Just pay 1000 coins a pop for max entry. The way you treat your players, you are undoubtedly on someone’s list.


They always lie so if they say something just expect the opposite. Like now they said S-class will be long lasting power that will be relevant for a long time. The truth is that in less than a year there will be Hero-Class with 2x stats and 5 star weapons.


Like they lied about blazing hot rewards for toc…like they lied about the roadmap for sc members that would run until the end of the stash…


I wonder if they understand that a SLA trumps their bullcrap Terms agreement.


The way I read this, you need to earn at least one champion ticket in order to be eligible to play (I had some, so I can’t test this). They did not say that, if you did qualify by earning a ticket, you would not be able to spend coins for further entries. So technically they did not lie. It’s poor form nonetheless.


Soooooo, just get a ticket, then blow 200$ to win each week. Typical Scopley. I might need to ask a good friend at Cybercom about enforcement of SLAs…


Can’t beat stupid and monied. Want to spend 200 to win it it’s yours. The rewards aren’t worth it and there’s always next week

My understanding was that you had to have at least one ticket you earned to get in. They never said you’d only be able to enter as many matches as you had tickets.

I’m guessing you’ll be coining for that top slot… :wink:

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Nah… I have better ways to spend my money.

[Fog of war] redacted information

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Not sure where they lied. Just tried to enter with my alt and cant compete at all.

I feel sorry for anyone who pays.

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Rules is always subject to change… ALWAYS means always in there world

“If you didn’t qualify for the champion round, pay us some real money and we will sneak you in, despite you not being a champion or having had to put in the work others did, especially the ones we locked out for a sizeable chunk of the tournament.”

You can copy and paste that into the rules if you like.

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How do our player united reps feel about this? @Bane

What you mean? Looks like those who did not earn at least one ticket cannot play. Then just like the rest of this god forsaken game, you can pay to continue to enter/play

TO sum it up, over all, Arenas is pay to win (or play) like most everything else in this game. There is a serious lack of grindable content which is something I am pushing for. However, they did not lie about entering.


and i came first with 206k and 50k lead…

In before complaints will come in that ended early

I think we need to look up the definition of lie