Oh look, a bug in territories


So this was the plan
Step 1 kill defenders
Step 2 take over territory

Step 3 have it glitch where my team is defending it, for the walkers, step 3 was never in my plans

Now last week my team was defending the territory for another faction , I called mutiny, now they’re defending the walkers, now I know it’s 2018… but still, I have to draw the line somewhere. #ZombieLivesDontMatter


Same thing happened to me today too. I have screen shots I can provide if needed


Happens to me all the time. Highly annoying. It certainly requires being fixed.


Unbelievable I read this yesterday and I was like well that sucks I’m glad that s*** never happen to me until this fine God damn morning

I took both success territories and applied a team to each by the time I took the recycling territory I had lost both of the success Terr. After applying


Pretty much normal for territories. They have been bugged for angels and scopee works on other things instead of fixing it.