Oh i get it, region groups are tiers rather than waves

Players can only ever move up to a higher tier and can never move down and beat up on players in a weaker region tier. Hopefully, things will settle out into a whale tier, an intermediate tier and a casual tier.

Hopefully, new players will be fed into wave/tier 3 regions so they dont die.

Seems like a good idea.

If that’s the case they better not match us with tier 3 regions like they did last crw… went from 3rd to 18th

Yeah, that would make sense.

I’d have to find it but i swear that it was said wave 1 will war with wave 1, wave 2 with wave 2 and wave 3 with wave 3, this doesnt look so dark if this is the case

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Hope so, we are one of newest and did really well vs similar age regions but then next one they put us against all the regions I’m seeing in tier 3 and we got worked… just gotta wait and see now

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