OG Toon Suggestions to make Ascendable


Just wanted to open up a place for some old character suggestions that players would like to see as 6 stars.

  • Victor
  • Andrea “A Larger World”
  • Lori “Made to Suffer”
  • Yellow Morgan (Supply Depot OG)
  • Carley “Telltale Special”
  • Vernon “Telltale Special”
  • Sophia “All Out War”
  • Michonne “A Larger World”
  • Christa
  • Jesus “Whispers into Screams”

Just some of my thoughts. What are yours?

5* who deserve to be 6*

I would say I ■■■■■■■ after you ■■■■■■■, then I will ■■■■■ and be a ■■■■, my ■■■■■


Blue andrea, Jesus and dwight from pick your side, sr zeke and Jesus, green Sawyer and heath, Annie from depot


I don’t know these are OG or not, but 100% sure they are pretty old:
-Negan “All out war”
-Tyreese “Miles behind us”



  • Andrea “A Larger World”

  • Axel (The Blue From SR) (Unreleased)

  • Christa “All That Remains”

  • Kenny “Telltale Special”

  • Lee “No Time Left”

  • Marcus

  • Darius “The Road to Survival”

  • Michonne “The Calm Before” (Unaviable at the moment)

  • Clementine “Ties That Bind”

  • Tripp “Ties That Bind”

  • Dale “Fear the Hunters” (Unreleased)

  • Tyresse “The Best Defense” (Unreleased)

  • Allen “Miles Behind Us” (Custom)
    to Allen “Road to Survival 1”

Trait: Blue
Special Skill: Indominable
Active Skill: Heal Self




How about Timothy “A Larger World”? He’s a red command with a decent rush.


I’m way ahead of you, my friend!

Shameless plug


My personal lost of toons which need 6*

Eric all out war
Maggie all out war
Lori made to suffer
Hershal rts #1
Heath March to war
Negan a new beginning
Carl something to fear
Carl what comes after
David ties that bind
Sophia all out war
Carley telltale special edition
Carson. Life and death
Andrea all out war
michone a larger world
Dwight all out war (life steal 2 maybe Concept heals 40% of his max hp when killing a enimie)
Rosita no turning back
Margaret rts #2
Tyresse the best defense


This isen’t a bad Idea. Althougth you can get him from ascension, so
they can’t sell him as a promo xD


I would love to see Og Yellow Morgan and Og Red Rick ascendable. I think they deserve ascendable versions of themselves.


Sure they can! Look at siddiq, joshua, gator…Stash sales!


I always really liked her look but never had any use for her. 44 ap was odd and the toon looked cool. Would like to see a bunch of old drop leaders get 6*ed at once


Ben, Green Abraham and yellow Tyreese.


Thanks my dude!! I’ll go add my post there!


Yeeeeah, let’s make Christa ascendable!! I have 3 of her :sweat_smile:


It’s funny how everyone wants toons they have to be ascendable. This should just be a place to post a list of all your toons


It would be cool if they did a group together, like all the depot toons, or all telltale series.
I don’t really care which, just something that looks like a plan.

Alternatively make one red 6* rick that all red 5* ricks can ascend to, one green 6* zeke that all 5* green zekes can ascend to, yellow Jesus, blue… someone. Think of the design time you’d save, make a lot of players happy and allow you to spend time designing new premiers!


All of them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thats an interesting idea, but take green michone as an example, its kind of a shitty move for people who have dualchonne to ascend and get the same character as the 800% single target damage one.

Also group releases would be awesome id love the telltale event to come back and most if not all of them to be ascendable to 6*(maybe just first batch released the kenny ,red clem etc)

Honestly though they should definitely prioritize the craptacular characters first, the blue gov ,christa, and the carolines, they have been unusable for so long they deserve to have there moment in the sun again instead of still collecting dust in our rosters, especially taking priority over the blue michones and pryias.
I also think that supply depot characters should be on that priority list they where the first 5* many of us got , and more importantly many still have but they wouldnt make money on them so i dont expect it to happen soon , much like i think blue andrea may be one of the last characters to be ascendable