OG Andrea Video


The woman of our dreams has finally arrived to pave the way for our ranged teams. Let’s talk about her leadership, AR, active and team comps along with weapon and combat mods so that we can brute force our way to victory!

Are you happy with Andrea? Did you end up getting more than 1 of her? What is your team comps looking like with her?


cough 20% ap gun cough cough


That’s what I’m using, and it’s wonderful

I’m happy with her. Going to ascend my second after this event when I have enough medals to do so. Team comp is going to be Andrea lead, at least 2 Tys, and some supporting toons who will vary depending on the team I expect to face (I’m assuming revives).

I wouldn’t put attack while impaired on her myself, as her kit is very AP dependent, but I would throw stun and impair resist on her as, again, AP dependent, and she’ll likely be shooting at stun reds. I agree with attack set, dmg against blue, and attack stat though, that’ll make her an unstoppable force

I do like that idea of having 2 up to 100% atk buffs while focused, taunted, and impaired. I just would rather do that on an atk/crit based team for the extra 1.5 damage added to the pile, since AP wouldn’t matter to a toon you expect to be impaired


Was thinking Kenny With her to heal a bit and recovery stun