Official twd line group with community manager

Does something like this exist ?
I know there were some in the past but is there one right now with the new community manage participating?
Really appriciate information.

I believe you have to be leader or co leader of a faction to be invited to that group.

Thats something, can you name me someone who has permission to invite ?

Add me on line ladygeek.twd and I’ll send you the contacts to be added


I’m a co. Someone beam me up


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Can u give me line Id so I can message you ?

He is another colead also asking to be added; he can’t add you.

I wouldnt bother, that chat is useless. Nothing gets answered, fixed…you name it. Im shocked it doesnt just get shut down. Repetitive questions asked five different ways in the same day & I wouldnt say its “official” either.


Then you can’t say anything
taken to the team