Official response required - sunsetting

So another normal Monday where topics disappear and users are banned . Deleting the topic doesn’t resolve the issue or give the player base any reassurance that those topics deleted didn’t contain a modicum of truth.

Once again, one of my biggest bug bares here is the constant lack of communication regarding anything of importance.

How about rather than indiscriminate banning and deletion of threads giving us some answers?

The comparisons to a stasi state never seem wholly inaccurate and it’s so disappointing. New cm. New forums. Same old scopely.

This could be resolved quickly and easily with a very quick official response and stops us all wondering if the rumours are true


Hahaha, official response. Like what would they say?

“Yeah, shit, you got us. We’re actually milking you for every last penny and retiring to a private island we purchased in the Bahamas with your money”.

or, more likely, they will just reiterate that they are committed to the game and its continued life which will be met with more derision and accusations of lying?

They can’t win.

Not playing the way they do they can’t.

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This. It’s a situation entirely of there own making and one that’s completely avoidable. I truly hoped after that letter things would improve but instead have gone backwards.
For each tiny step forward the company takes its followed by 3 massive strides backwarda

Yeah, but the title says "required". Scopely has to answer now.