Official petition to bring back mega faction weekend


I see next weekend is 3 faction events at once we need a faction Sr also might as well go all out for a mega event.

Bring back the mega faction weekend and give out awesome prizes.

P.s. if ya could relase 6* red Lori that would be great thanks


Agreed. Make it so


It’s been changed now, it’s just war


Well that’s dumb :sob:


Sorry everyone!

We technically cannot run all of those at the same time. :,(


It’s okay… I’m not crying or anything :cry::cry::cry:


First hype I’ve had in awhile for this game…


Can we have something interesting in event rewards this week. You all are seriously boring us. If this is because of new regions then you need to provide them with different tourneys than your lo ng term players.

Honestly win faction level and get… same gear we have on the roadmap … for real?


But just think of the money they’ll make it work


I prefer a relaxed weekend. War is cool and stuff, but it’s kind of a time sponge for some of us.

I can barely find time to finish SR in war weekends.


The dream is dead.