[Official] List of Closed Regions (or Low Pop) in need of attention



Hi everyone, I have noticed that this topic is a very common topic for the community and I do agree with your concerns. I thought that I would make an official list of the regions that players have concerns with in terms of low activity and low population size. :world_map: :globe_with_meridians: :world_map:


  • the name of the region.
  • the region’s language.
  • the current concern(s) with region activity.

This will not only let us organize thoughts, feedback, and updates but it can also condense all of the posts relating to closed or low population regions into one place. This will not only make the lives easier for the players in the region but also for the team to review data easier and faster.

Dade (EN)
Status: Re-opened

Baldwin (EN)
Status: Closed

  • 5 active factions
  • 24 hour wait time for War

Morgan (EN)
Status: Closed

  • 3-5 active factions

Greene (EN)
Status: Closed

  • 3 active factions

Liberty (EN)
Status: Closed

Baker (EN)
Status: Closed
Issues: 35-40 active players.

Echols (EN)
Status: Closed
Issues: 2.5 active factions

Morgan (EN)
Status: Closed
Issues: 3 active factions.

Madison (EN)
Status: Closed

Sumter (AU/NZ)
Status: Closed
Issues: 3 active factions. Factions not matching in War due to drastic differences in strength.

Please be as CLEAR and as SPECIFIC as possible with your examples of the region’s issues since I will try to update this list continuously.

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I’m from The Baldwin server and me and the survivors have made complaints about the server and why it is so small. It seems like our server is closed and we NEVER see any new players this is so annoying because there are only 5 active factions in the entire server which makes events like war really difficult. Just recently war was on and we were waiting for a matchmaking for over 24 hours we didn’t even get to start one single war!! Please open up the server Baldwin and please get more people into this server most people have already quit the game from the lack of factions :confused: there are over a thousand factions and only 5 are active including ours please please PLEASE! Try to open and get more people onto this server or more people will quit :confused:
Thank you :slight_smile:


@kalishane, these guys need to be added to the reopen list pleeeease :slight_smile:


my region is going the same way we are with only 6 factions active and scopely does not do anything about it do something urgent

Region Early


Hopefully they allow players to start transferring like WOW.


There is 3 factions in Greene. The fourth is on the fence currently. Dash said if things go well wig dade they will open other regions, if not they will look into individual migrations. Personally I don’t care if it’s working for dade. I’m happy they are enjoying it but I would MUCH rather be able to go to a region with already established players rather Than babysitting new players.

EDIT: 4th faction has since disbanded due to only getting one match in the war before the double blitz. This wasn’t the first time they were either locked out completely or unable to match more than once or twice. I understand how a hard limit on team strengths can be a good idea, but when there’s only 4 factions in a region all it does is make the game that much harder to play


Hmmm, babysitting… For some yes, but this one right here doesn’t need any babysitting… And TWD does a good job making sure the little ones can do some stuff as well while dealing with horny teenagers on global chat.

The better option is indeed to have an influx of equal strength accounts. if so, I’ll bring my lvl 119 from bib in :sunglasses:


Morgan is hanging by a thread. There’s mainly 3 active factions and a few more that are casual but when I started this game there was so much more competition and different choices of where u could play. Atm there’s not many choices unless u want to play in a faction that does maybe 10 wars for the weekend opposed to the 100 give or take I am used to. I think merging similar aged regions would bring life and ramp competition and give a reason to be excited for events again.


Morgan (en)
Badly needs a merge with another region I know you all mention opening regions ect. Our main issue is there’s maybe 3-5 active factions . And it’s either top or the complete opposite extremely laid back. It would be incredible to have new players at the same stage of the game, adding more competition and more choices. I see so many ask for this not sure I understand why mergers aren’t good ideas??


Only that much? Seemed like there was maybe 15-20 when we faced you guys in the first ever CRW


My region is Colquitt and it is a TR region where there are 3 more TR regions. Our region is fastly dieing and losing player after player and there are fewer factions left compared to the glory days. Many top players left and our leaderboard becoming like graveyard. War matchup times getting longer each war. As a top faction we used to get many applications before but now we cant get new active people in even if we want to and search out. We are keeping inactive accounts in factions with hopes that they might return at some point. We used to queue with 15/8 active people a lot of times before but now we wait for 8/8 for long times. Players that are left are lacking motivation heavily.

I dont know if our region is closed but i hardly see new players around.

We are in need of a merge badly before it gets to the point of no return of at least give us a chance to to migrate to another region.

This is the latest war results.


I like how Scopely drops these tiny subliminal hints on us. Quitman and Butte is my other faves.

I can the reason your region is dieing is because that top faction literally has no competition…


Yup that is happening to my region too :confused:


Exactly first ever since then so many have quit or simply lost interest there are some factions that participate in about 5 wars so I suppose u.could say they are active. Overall to actually be in a faction that participates daily and puts effort In their are really 5. And the level of competition from the 3rd place to 5th place is pretty big. When I started we had so many active factions to.choose from. As more people quit the game, less factions there are. And to try and join the game at this point as a brand new player would be pretty difficult imo


Please Pin that Post so everyone can see it. Tommorow it will dissappear…


Terrell (EN)
Status: HIGH
Issues: only 30 factions in war, ranks 15-30 barely have any matches


Thank you for building this @MICK_DEAD_END !


Region: Sumter - AU/NZ server primarily.

Region Status : LOW and CLOSED

Only had 3 factions warring this last war, and one that couldn’t match due to insanely different team strengths.

My faction has had 3 people leave and go to the 4th placed faction in the hopes that their teams will help them actually get a war next time around.

Sumter was 6th in CRW, despite the top 2 factions warring almost constantly. Out of the other regions we faced, we were definitely the worse off region activity wise. So add Sumter to the list please.

We want a reopen mostly, and help new players grow. Or allow individual migration of accounts to more active regions for all players in dead regions.



Thats really hard to watch. Hoping it will be opened soon and good luck with it!


Wow… I almost feel bad posting about the Rockdale region on here but my fear is our region will become like this very soon. People are quitting daily and we have been closed for over 2 years. I’m not sure how it can be sustained. We would gladly take in any of these regions with 3-4 active factions.