Official info on halloween event?

hour left til the event and yet not a single official info?

Big bruh

GR is taking cover right now he knows there’s an angry mob waiting to yell at him when he’s just the messenger

Communication is the easiest and still you fail miserably

You can view about the Halloween event at
Just scroll down and you will see it.

Yes that was posted on the 22nd but @GR.Scopely even said today they were still working out the final details and we would have info here

True but a lot of people are following what was posted there. I got it from another thread here on forum but your correct, it should be posted here too.

He had enough details to post this 3 days ago

the forums should be the official place for new events. People were asking for info for the past several days. This is yet another failure in communication by scopley. There is no reason that this shouldn’t have been posted on the forum even as late as today. @GR.Scopely @ForumModerator @ForumAdmin

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No reason it shouldn’t have been posted here the same day it was posted over there tbh


Pure, unadulterated laziness. And to lie so blatantly about it here… did he really think people wouldn’t notice??

Official word? Crappola.

100% lazy I mean like how hard could it have possibly been to just copy and paste that whole article here? And what day did he come on here talking about some “I’m trying to get the details from the team to make a post later”? Pretty sure it was the 23rd (a day after his post on the official site)

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Exactly. And iirc he posted the next day as well, saying the team was still finalizing some details, and he would post here when they finished.

Meanwhile, he had already posted everything elsewhere a day or 2 earlier! Copy and paste… Too much effort to put in for us I suppose. Hell, he couldn’t even just paste the link…

Does anyone know if it was actually up on the 23rd? If a new post was up on the official game blog, I’d expect at least one person to notice it.

I would assume that GR started writing this on the 23, without the full event details, posting the existing info as a private entry, then edited the post before making it publically available. Live ops probably had the general structure ready in advance, and the art team had some assets ready, etc, so it makes sense to prepare the post in advance. They were still deciding on the extact number of alert enemies to kill and the amount of candy corn this should give etc. The info in the announcement is very detailed and clear, containing everything you need to build a strategy on how to tackle the event; it makes sense to start preparing this as soon as you can.

Just think about it for one second. Why would they lie about this? What could possibly in it for GR or Scopely? “Hahaha, I’m going to deceive the players by claiming that we don’t have the event finalized yet when I released all the information on the official game blog yesterday! Muahahaha!”. What would be the point?

There are about a hundred thousand reasons to be mad at Scopely. This is not one of them.

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Well, considering how we’ve been lied to in the past, how he, and everyone at scopely avoids answering just about everything important, and the fact that he STILL hasn’t copy/pasted the info here like he said he would do, it’s very easy to feel and believe we were lied to again.

Idk what could motivate them to do that. Maybe the same thing that motivates them to promise better presence and communication, and then continue to ignore players and huge issues.

Either way, they do a fantastic job at making people feel ignored and disrespected. Sooo, yea, I do have to wonder.

I’ll admit your assumptions could very likely be true. (Though judging by the past, it’s also possible they’re not). But if they are, he should have just responded with something like this… “hey, I’m working on it but waiting for final info. I’ll be posting it on our blog here (link) as soon as it’s ready. Keep an eye out there for it!” That would have been just as easy to write, and it would have helped keep people like myself from feeling lied to for no good reason.

Tbh, this is actually quite minor compared to the many other reasons we have to be mad at scopely (it’s just info about a lame event). I’m not writing this to try and argue the point, just to try and explain why i, and others, feel the way we do, and why its so easy at this point to feel that way.

Says the 22nd on the site and really doubt they’d post a non complete article on their official site

Tbh, I would assume that the event would have been finalized and info ready at least a week ago. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but seems like they were cutting it close if it still wasn’t ready 2 days ago.

More info would be nice. Would also like some clarification on the Faction boss mission @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @TayTron .

We did a tier 1 faction assault to complete the mission but it didn’t work. So is it only the person who actually defeats the boss that gets the reward? If so this needs to be fixed, we don’t want to be spending all our saved tickets just to win a few candy corn and end up with a Burt in the end. Be realistic Scopely please (for once).

You can post things on modern software, but make them invisible to anyone without permission. Later on you can edit them and flip a switch so they become available to the public.

Usually, you wouldn’t do it like that, because software usually can also do drafts and that tends to work out better. But they are obviously still figuring out how to use the official blog.

@Holiday I don’t really disagree with your other post. But this is typical Scopely, they are always cutting it close. Given the history of last minute changes, and the reaction of this community if even minor details are modified, I can perfectly understand them not releasing the info publicly until it is set in stone.

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