Official first look at Alpha TWD season 9

The official first look at Alpha for season 9 has been released. Cannot wait till she debuts on the show.


What are you talking about?

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Greg was right when he said Alpha is terrifying. Just look at her facial expression. She looks serious. :fearful:

She played a role in minority report. That’s where that image is from.

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Wrong. AMC just released this image a few hours ago.

Wrong. The original image of her is from Minority Report and some years old.

If I remember correctly, it’s from the scene where they are in his childhood house or whatever.


Thanks for ruining the joke. Wanted to see how many would fall for it. Lol

Nice try.


Stopped watching the twd because it has gotten equally lame as this game. I’ll wait till it’s on Netflix to maybe watch it. Since the last two seasons have been bad, I’ll give it the scopely 1% chance I’ll watch it.


You should try Game Of Thrones.
I bought seasons 1 & 2, and love it.

This season is actually pretty decent. Someone does something stupid in the first episode of the season, but aside from that, nothing stands out as bad.

I mean… it’s free so the only thing you lose is time if you decide to watch it.

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Dude, shes talking about the picture on the right. She will have this comic look on the show, lol.


This^. I’ll most likely just binge watch it when it comes out but be on my phone and not really pay attention to it like I did last season that came on Netflix. Comics> TV show

Thank you for clarifying.

What the hell is going on?

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Alpha’s image in the show debuted for tonights episode.

That’s cool I’ll endure and survive by not watching. Have fun with it though. Seems like it’s going to be a good one!!!

Please stop trashing the show. Its really good now that gimple isn’t writing the show anymore. But I gotta respect your opinion :^)


Thats because Gimple lol

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One of the heads on the pike should be gimple