Offical news about GOLD bars

Keep collecting, future “free” s-class toon will use knifes and goldbars for upgrading.


So you are saying sc members will get 2 for the price of 1…so next gold bar event they will be collecting for the next two…hrmmmm what a good offer…at some point they will get screwed…ohh wait we all play this game so I guess we are all getting screwed.

I’m sure they saw a drop off of sc membership recently when a lot of people tier 4 their sclass. So they wanted the cash to keep coming in

Sure but the rate that they give stuff away they will never catch up always have a surplus of gold bars is all I am saying. They should let them trade them in for gear. Only way I see it as a win for the people who pay.

thanks for the info at least my gold bars not gonna waste

So whats the deal? Are you the new ladygeek or just GRs personal account!?

The less pretty ladygeek


So you’re saying she’s the volunteer coordinator and you report to her?

Hold on to them :slight_smile:



Noone will take my gold



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