Offers Value someone explain Leaf Offers?

Should one offer of had Green Maple leaves ?
Another mess up ?

I think if anyone bought that first offer they would be pretty annoyed


Who would have thought that Scopely, in their infinite wisdom in having two near identical items, would have managed to confuse them?

This event is an absolute shambles. That is at least the third bug and we aren’t 24 hours in

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Still up and not rectified

Cock up’s seem to be a regular occurrence of late

@TWD-Rock - We are aware of this issue with our Harvest Offers and the team is currently investigating the problem.


Even their own programers can’t figure out this convoluted item bulls@#$. :laughing:


There was another offer that had like 400 of the green leaves for ~3€, and a decent amount of wheel tokens. If 2 for 20£ is 2x value, that one must have been way over 1000x value. If I were in the mood to spend a cent in this game (not a chance after Jonesgate), that would have been a sweet deal, and in the past an instabuy I’d guess.

Upside for Scopely: This gate will never stick, because no one can remember what it’s called. “We demand justice for Greenmaplegate! No wait, it was Orangeleafgate! Yellow? Can someone explain how the event worked again?”

“Hey we need to come up with some items for our Thanksgiving themed crap event.”

“Hmmm lets do Green Leaf, Green Maple Leaf, Maple Leaf, Orange Leaf and uhmmmmmmmmmm Banana Split!”

“… What’s with the Banana Split and why are the rest of them soo sim-”

“Donezo back to the pancake house we go!”

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The green leaves was the gate
But dont have to worry about players trying to hang other players over this gate
Due to the fact that rewards are so horrible
Now if there was 5 star gear to be claimed
You better believe everyone who took advantage would be call cheaters and people demanding a roll back

So we can’t get green leaves without paying

I can explain the phenomenon of these ‘offers’ in one word. SCOPELY.

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Hello everyone,

We have made a communication around the fact that the issues linked to Harvest Festival Offer & Event Progress Issues have been solved. You can find this thread here: (Harvest Festival Offer & Event Progress Issues )

Not really resolved as Scopely haven’t given a time frame in refunds, what customers should do if they don’t receive it also. Also no time frame given of when the original offer will be made available and for how long. And nothing has been done in game for customers who may continue to purchase the corrected offer however will see that if or once the incorrect offer is back up will just cause the same issues again…

An in game msg to the entire customer base would have been the most efficient and cost effective way to of moved forward with this to decrease further purchases until the “unintended” offer is live cos now customer who have been purchasing the intended one without knowing that there was an error will ask for refunds for it which means more charge back costs & customer service time and more importantly customers time being spend on this.

And doing a forum post does not guarantee or leaves out the liability for customers who purchase the intended purchase without knowing that the unintended purchase will be available. @GR.Scopely

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