Offers not working - unable to participate in events


My offers section has not been working since it was first introduced to the game. Every attempt to get help from support has ended miserably, as they basically refuse to acknowledge there is a problem and fix it. In the beginning this wasn’t a problem, but now when they are giving 6* toons for free through offers and events play through them, I can’t do anything. Anyone experience something like this?
I hope someone from scopley sees this and does something, cause if not, I will have to retire from this game forever, no point playing a broken incomplete game. Been playing since October 2015.
Player name: Bruc
Region: Forsyth
Device: Htc one M8, Android
Not in any faction currently


Someone help this dude. Reminds me of the guy who couldnt build scavenger camps playing 2 years, got it fixed by a dev in a few minutes.